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Alloy steel sections, as the primary material in various key industries including minerals, automotive, cement production, oil and gas, construction, tooling and etc., play significant roles in the industrial development of the country. Considering the growing demand of local industries for the supply of high quality materials, Fararu Steel Factory has been stablished and launched in Tehran-Shams Abad Industrial Park to answer this demand. With more than a decade of experience in production of all types of alloy steel sections, Fararu Steel has reached to production capacity of 40,000 tons per year. With the aid of academic experts and use of appropriate and optimal equipment, Fararu is able to produce the highest quality alloy products.


Customer satisfaction is the driving force for us to achieve the highest standards of quality and service. Consequently, to increase the customers’ benefits, Fararu Sales Dept. has been stablished to provide the direct sales to the final customers with the best price.
Regarding the special actions made to increase the efficiency of the production unit, in addition to the implementation of integrated logistic system, production, and sales, our goal is to achieve production up to 60,000 tons per year by the end of 2019.
Fararu Steel is an ISO9001 company which respects the customers’ right to receive products with the highest quality. With knowledge of our significant products quality, export of alloy steel section to neighboring countries is determined as one of the company goals in 2019.

Hot Rolling Production Unit

The hot rolled unit is equipped with an intelligent temperature control system to adjust the temperature of the input, middle and output of the furnace base on the material and size of the input ingots.
The quality and profile of the billet/bloom ingots entering the rolling unit directly affect the quality of the product sections. With the aim of gaining the customer satisfaction, Fararu Steel policy is limited to provide only Top-Quality continuous casting machine (CCM) billet from well-known suppliers. The rolled unit is capable of producing rod and hex rod sections with below dimensional specifications and capacities:
Input Billet Area 125 x 125 to 250 x 250 mm
Produced Rod Diameter 30 to 160 mm
Annual Capacity 40,000 Ton
Maximum Rod Length 12 m


Steel CategoryMaterial NoCommercial NameHeat Treatable Steel1.1141ck15Heat Treatable Steel1.1191ck45Heat Treatable Steel1.0432A105Heat Treatable Steel1.0580ST52Heat Treatable Steel1.703541Cr4Heat Treatable Steel1.722542CrMo4Heat Treatable Steel1.6582(VCN150)34CrNiMo6Heat Treatable Steel1.6580(VCN200)30CrNiMo8Cold Work Tool Steels1.200770Cr2Cold Work Tool Steels1.3505100Cr6Spring Steels1.717655Cr3Cementation Steels1.713116MnCr5Cementation Steels1.592018CrNi8Cementation Steels1.658718CrNiMo7-6

Dimensions and Tolerances

Fararu Steel Co produces alloy steel rods in all standard sizes from 30 to 160 mm and with dimensional tolerances with respect to DN1013.
Furthermore, upon customers’ request, it is possible to produce every other diameter with the customized features in the middle span of presented diameters in the table. This provides the chance for the customers to use hot rolled products directly in any diameter without the need to perform any complementary size reducing process.

Diameter tolerance

Rod Dimension

Billet Dimension
(mm * mm)





125 * 125

125 * 125

150 * 150

150 * 150

180 * 180

250 * 250

Supplementary Processes

To meet all the needs of our customers, additional equipment and tools have been provided by Fararu Steel. We are ready to receive orders to provide auxiliary services like straightening, peeling, polishing, stretching, grinding, as well as annealing all alloy steel sections demanded by customers.
  • Two peeling machines for diameters of 20 to 100 mm
  • Two straightening devices for diameters of 20 to 170 mm
  • Polishing machine for all sizes
  • Cutting facilities in various ways, such as hot shear, air cutters, scissors and band saws
  • Cold drawing machine for 20 to 42 mm in diameter
  • Heat treatment furnace for heat quenching, annealing and tempering
  • Quality Control

    To assure the acceptable quality of products, in addition to carry out the inspection and test of input ingots, Fararu is able to provide below tests and analyses based on request.
  • Analysis control: chemical analysis of input ingots
  • Dimensional control: control of the produced section dimensions,control of the length of the cuttings based on the order
  • Surface Control: surface and depth cracking control of the input ingots and the rolling products
  • Internal troubleshooting: Ultrasonic test (UT)(upon request)
  • Hardness test
  • Chemical composition test of rolled products: Spark Test (upon request)
  • Control of the product straightness and compliance with standard
  • Dimensional and surface quality control after peeling.
  • Penetrate liquid test (PT) with defined percentage by customer
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